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stupidhuman-shitforbrains asked: Can you explain more about why you're against spanking? I agree, I'd just like to hear what you have to say.


  • it is hurting someone
  • your child, specifically, who should not be hurt by you of all people
  • it doesnt work in the long term
  • it develops trust issues
  • it is reliant on fear, and teaches them to be afraid instead of actually learning what they did and how to self-discipline (i.e., “mommy spanked me when i tried crossing the road by myself, so i shouldn’t do it in front of her so i don’t get spanked” instead of “mommy told me i could get hurt if i cross the road by myself, so i won’t do it”)
  • it asserts the ideology of stronger = right, and that because someone hurts you they are correct
  • it shows that violence solves issues, which causes your child not only to normalize violence, but to partake in it
  • it disregards bodily autonomy (as in people not touching you without your consent)
  • it hurts their self-esteem, as well as affects their mental health, and their intelligence
  • it becomes a gateway to harsher abuse due to desensitization
  • it creates detachment of the parent/child bond
  • it normalizes degrading and harmful behavior on the parent’s end
  • it continues on the cycle of abuse
  • it’s just overall shitty don’t hit someone, especially not someone who is smaller than you, defenseless, and VERY easily affected by it ok just don’t
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sorry this is so belaboured, but i wanted to make this guy admit he was worried about getting thrown in jail after having sex with me

men who eagerly wait for young girls to turn 18 so they can legally have sex with them are in the running for creepiest people on the planet


I love seeing young girls standing up for themselves in ways I never knew I could until I was almost THIRTY.

I seirously just…wow. I’m in awe of young women today.

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Chris had me try this new beer he got and it was gross. 

Then his mom came in and was like, “here try this wine it’s so much better” and it really wasn’t. 

Baby Brittany will stick to her sugary teas, thanks. 

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Odin goes to the beach~

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do you think anyone has ever yelled “DICK!” at Nightwing as an insult and made him stop for a moment like shIT HOW DID THEY KNOW


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3 cyborg dogs investigate a strange ocean dog

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tiled transparent fox background, free for your use!
just please don’t repost, and link back to me if you’re feeling it c:
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More like Mega Volcano Goat

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by のあ@ついった

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[Art Trade] VaaVio for ~eluwaruburu

I never thought I’d be drawing these two but hey, at least it was fun! <3

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So fluffy! Mega Camerupt!!

Corocoro Leaks are of Mega Camerupt and Mega Sharpedo and I love them so much!!! So awesome and cute! I will draw Mega Sharpedo/Archie after my class, aaaaahh!! *rushes away*

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  • What they say: My dog bites me out of nowhere.
  • What they mean: I stress out my dog and then punish or ignore her stress signals so her only option to get me to stop is to bite me.


QQ drawing from a little while back

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