an extremely emotional tale told entirely in screeches and grunts

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pardon me

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リアルぬいぐるみ シーラカンス

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This dragon gained 6 grams in 3 days how is that possible. 

Though he did eat a lot of crickets last night and today.

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Of course it has to be those pictures

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Hearing a toilet flush

Hearing the occupant leave without washing their hands




Avril Lavigne - Hello Kitty (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)

holy shit i thought you guys were joking about this

this is the worst thing ive seen in a long long time

Those backup dancers expressions… They’re dead inside. 

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new fakemon based off little red riding hood and the big bad wolf!!

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watch this

I didn’t know what I expected tbh

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*debates whether to buy something* *imagines aziz ansari saying “treat yo self”* *treats self*

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So I thought to myself, “Man Ridley’s eating so many bugs these days and them crickets add up (paid 10 bucks yesterday for 100 and it was gone in a night). I should just start a dubia colony!” So I stopped by a reptile place in Rancho on my way home from work and bought him some to eat for now, plus 5 adults; 1 male and 4 females. Figured I’ll just put them in a plastic bin with some carrots and egg crate and then hide them in the closet or under the bed. 

Then I got home and had to transfer them from their plastic bag INTO the container which made me gag and nearly cry. THEN it occurred to me that I’ll need to maintain them too. That means cleaning their waste and oh my god how could I forget that they shed. Oh my god ew. 

I’m fucking terrified of these things why would I think it would be a good idea to do this.

What the hell am I gonna do with them if they don’t get to the baby making? Just flush em down the toilet? Because the only person I know with an adult bearded dragon who COULD eat them won’t touch the things either. 


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  • boy: shit baby you're so wet already
  • girl: that's actually just vaginal discharge and my body is cleansing itself from bacteria and dead cells to prevent infection and to maintain optimal reproductive health i'm not even all that turned on right now and i would prefer to go get some food or something

by 2027

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